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With over 30 years’ experience in education, Jody loves to consult with schools around administration, curriculum, and implementation of both Montessori education and the Positive Discipline model. Using her experience as an owner and operator of three accredited Montessori schools in Boise, Idaho for 17 years, she enjoys helping Montessori schools with curriculum integration and teacher collaboration. Jody has worked as a Montessori teacher trainer at several training centers. While her work as a Positive Discipline and Montessori trainer has been in the US and abroad, her favorite place to work is in her community of Boise, Idaho. When home, she regularly offer classes to parents and teachers and provides one on one coaching. It is through her experiences as a classroom teacher, administrator, trainer, and most importantly, a parent of two daughters, that she draws upon stories and experiences to help others. She also help businesses using her skills as a facilitator of Empowering People in the Workplace. She holds a certificate in Adlerian Studies through the Idaho Society of Individual Psychology and a Montessori credential for kids ages 2-12. Currently she serves as a Co-Board Chair for the Positive Discipline Association and as a Co-Chair of the Educators Section of North American Adlerian Society of Adlerian Psychologists (NASAP).
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