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Gifts should be a joy to give and receive, yet sometimes they can cause us stress. In Montessori, we consider how any item will help the child build themselves into the adult they are meant to be. To invite Montessori into your home and family, consider toys that encourage the child to think creatively and independently; toys that will last longer than the box; and realize that fewer toys that meet these criteria may be more engaging than an over-abundance of toys. We are sharing some ideas for all budgets, mostly from smaller sites, which work for a variety of ages and interests to get you started.

Here are some examples of some Montessori-inspired gifts. The Montessori Foundation is in no way affiliated with any of these companies or products. We just like them. If you are interested in a product, the QR-code or the tiny-URLs will help you find it. You will probably find other companies that offer the same product at more or less cost. You may also find some products that are sold out, you know, because of Covid and shipping delays. Sigh!

A magnifier to examine nature

Great watercolor paper

Build your own night light

Image is Sound-Activated

Explore with watercolors.

Puzzle out the work of gears.

Toddler step stool

Work together in the kitchen.

Learn to tie-dye

A variety of patterns to learn.

See the roots grow

Create a catapult

Color with rock-shaped crayons

Found It! Hunt for items in nature

Read about inventors

A quarterly magazine.

Sensory Playdough and Sand Kits

A great screen free distraction.

Measure days with a calendar

Storymatic Kids

Nurture creativity.

Keep treasures after building a safe

Virtually “Adopt” a creature in need

World Wildlife Fund


QR Code Adopt an Animal


Play the spoons.

A fun find for newbies and professional musicians alike.

Cook from around the world.

Wobble around