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by Cheryl Allen

We all appreciate the teachers in our lives, but how do we share that gratitude when we may not know much about them beyond the classroom? Here are ten ideas:

1. Say thank you, and be specific about it: in person or by taking the time to write a note from you or helping your child write one.

2. Tell the administrators what you see and appreciate. The positive information does not get shared as often as concerns, so share your positive observations.

3. Offer to buy or do something specific for the classroom. “I hear you are looking for more plants for the garden, could my child and I get some for you?”

4. Provide a gift card related to what you notice in the classroom. Are fabulous art projects coming home? Get a gift card to the local art supply store.

5. Bring coffee and muffins or lunch to the teachers.

6. Give movie tickets, so your teacher has a chance to relax.

7. Give a gift card to a local bookstore (most teachers love to read).

8. Discover a restaurant they like. A gift certificate for a dinner out is always appreciated.

10. Present a gift card for a local grocery store. It can reduce a little stress during high-spending times.