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Clanmore Montessori School sprang from a dream, a vision, a desire for a wonderful learning environment for children. Grace Kidney, Elaine Delsnyder and Cathy Sustronk, who began their work together as teaching colleagues in the 1980’s, were the dreamers. They had a vision of a strong, supportive school where happy children, whose developmental imperatives were being met, would be happy learners. Dr. Maria Montessori’s approach to children and their education fulfilled this vision; theirs therefore had to be a Montessori School.
ork with them not for them For example, making lunches. If children have more choice, more control and a greater sense of responsibility, they are more likely to eat what has been chosen. Talk to them about nutrition and how to make wise choices. Involve them in making grocery lists. Responsibility and Accountability Are Important: […]