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Help your child develop independence in caring for self and their environment.

Age: When walking


  • Water Jug
  • Grate
  • Water Dispenser
  • Water Dispenser and Stand
  • Low Stool
  • Bin
  • Sink Grate
  • Plastic Tub
  • Small Rug
  • 3 oz. Pitcher


  1. Place the rug on the floor where you would like to have the water source accessible to your child.
  2. Place the tub on the rug and the sink grate on top of the tub.
  3. Place the low stool over the grate and tub so that about half of the tub/grate is visible.
  4. Fill the dispenser one-third full of water.
  5. Place the dispenser on the stool so the spout is over the grate and tub.
  6. Place the jug on top of the dispenser.

Show Your Child:

  1. Tell your children you will show them how to get a glass of water.
  2. Show them where their glasses are kept and ask them to place them on the table.
  3. Show your children where you keep a little pitcher (about 3 oz).
  4. Introduce the water source.
  5. Bring the pitcher to the water source and show how to put the pitcher under the spout, on the grate.
  6. Invite your children to try. *
  7. Push the spout lever down to release a little water into the pitcher and let go.
  8. Ask a child to have a turn.
  9. They may need help to know when to let go.
  10. Ask the child to carry the pitcher to the table with two hands.
  11. Go with the child to the table.
  12. Ask the child to put the pitcher on the table next to the glass.
  13. Sit down, invite your child to pour the water into their glass. (It is important to make sure to sit while drinking. This prevents spills around the house and proper posture when drinking from a glass.)
  14. Let children know that they can get water from the water source when they need.
  15. This is a great time to show children where you keep clean-up cloths, just in case, they have a spill.
Reprinted with permission by ©familyfriendlyhome2023

*For children younger than three, when we give them a chance to try each step, we keep their interest, we slow down the lesson, and we invite them to be a part of the process.