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Marsha Matheson is the Art Specialist at the Maria Montessori School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada. Marsha is in her sixth year with the school, where she created an art program that strives to Follow the Child and also make connections with the Saskatchewan Art Curriculum. With her focus on ”The Three Rivers of the Art World,” she guides the students through the development of their artistic skills, the Great Lessons of Art, and student-initiated work. Before Marsha came to the Maria Montessori School, she was an Art Teacher and Mentor for 5 years at The Calgary Waldorf School, where she was greatly influenced by the Waldorf philosophy. Marsha also has her own business, The Works of Art Studio, where she runs art classes and workshops.
THE INSPIRATION ust outside the art studio, fall was filling the hearts and minds of my elementary students. Many of them would collect the fallen leaves, pine cones, and seeds and bring me their treasures. Lining them up on my nature shelf, they were fascinated by the colors, shapes, and even the smells of them! […]