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One of my fondest memories I’ve shared with my granddaughter, Blakely, was talking about the time we went to the ballet together when she was five years old. We had watched the Nutcracker numerous times before we finally actually went to see a live performance. I bought her a special dress to wear, we got all fancied up and ready, and off we went.

Everyone sitting around us looked at her in wonderment as she wore a very excited expression on her face. The music began and the ballet started to unfold. 

She leaned in next to me and said, “Grammie, that’s not how Clara should be doing that dance.” It seems that she had memorized the version we had watched, and I had neglected to let her know that every dance troop’s choreographer interprets the dance parts a little bit differently. She still enjoyed the show and every time I stole a glance over at her I could see total rapture on her face.

Her interests have long ago steered away from watching the Nutcracker. She is now almost fourteen and an avid soccer player. However, I just recently asked if she remembered that night. “Grammie,” she said, “how could I ever forget it.” I hope she shares a similar experience with her grandchildren if the time comes.

Creating lasting memories and sharing your passions with your grandchildren creates bonds that can’t be undone, so invest the time in them and with them. The payoff is huge and lasting.

Margot Garfield-Anderson is the retired Montessori Foundation Project Manager and International Montessori Council Membership Director. She continues to be involved in the organization as an IMC Board member and serves as a reader of documents for schools going through the IMC accreditation process. She still enjoys sharing her grandparenting experiences with Tomorrow’s Child subscribers. She also volunteers for many other nonprofits and organizations in Sarasota, Florida.