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IMC Teacher Education

Montessori teacher education is more important than ever as many of our schools face teacher shortages which seems to have only been exasperated by COVID. The IMC-affiliated teacher education program, The Center for Guided Montessori Studies (CGMS), is working hard to tackle the problem, currently preparing over 500 active learners in MACTE accredited programs for teachers of all levels. With over 15 years of experience with blended learning Montessori teacher education, many schools turned to CGMS for support during the pandemic and continue to look to CGMS to provide convenient, high-quality courses to meet their teacher education needs.

by Kitty Bravo, Chair, IMC Teacher Ed Commission

In spring 2021, MACTE expanded its scope to include accreditation of School Administrator programs. CGMS was excited to be the first to apply right away and submitted the accreditation self-study for their School Leadership/Administrators credential program in November. Designed in partnership with the Montessori Foundation according to IMC guidelines, the course focuses on nine essential elements of school leadership presented from a Montessori perspective. The response from the first school leaders enrolled has been very positive. They especially appreciate the supportive community of learners, including school leaders from private and public schools and some individuals from international schools.

IMC is pleased to welcome a new affiliate applicant, Montessori Teacher’s College (MTC) in Sacramento, California, which is currently completing the join process for MACTE accreditation and IMC affiliation. The directors of Montessori Teacher’s College, Norman Lorenz and Sara Nelson are seasoned Montessori educators with a passion for supporting the development of teachers. In fact, Norman was one of the people who helped organize MACTE back in the 1990s. MTC began with a small cohort of local students in their first Early Childhood course, but with their blended learning format, hope to reach more students and eventually add an Elementary program.

The first IMC Early Childhood Assistant Teacher Credential was awarded in 2021 to adult learners who completed the Vietnam Montessori Advisory and Training Center program in Hanoi. VMAT has offered two sessions of the assistant teacher course with 32 graduates. CGMS will begin its first Early Childhood Assistant Teacher cohort in January 2022. With a focus on understanding the role of the assistant teacher, both the CGMS and VMAT programs provide learners a strong foundation in Montessori philosophy and classroom leadership and a robust overview of the Montessori Early Childhood curriculum. The IMC competencies for the Assistant Teacher credential serve as a guide to assure these new programs prepare individuals for a successful career as a Montessori paraprofessional and hopefully serve as a stepping stone for some who may later choose to take lead teacher training. IMC recognizes the importance of well-prepared adults in every role in our schools and looks forward to future affiliates offering these important assistant teacher credentials.