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The MPPI and it’s involvement in the Build Back Better Act

The Build Back Better Act is a historic legislative proposal that if passed will change the landscape of early care and education in America by funding near universal access to child care and preschool, and raise early childhood educator and childcare provider income to levels more comparable to the important work that they do. We are optimistically anticipating the possibility of this legislation as it is comprehensive and will increase access to high-quality early childhood experiences enabling all children to have the advantage of a positive start to life.

We have been working to first understand the bill language and intent and its implication for both private and public Montessori schools, while meeting with Senators and Senate Committees to include language that would allow Montessori schools to participate in the funding opportunities without compromising on our comprehensive and researched pedagogy.

There are two enormous funding streams for early childhood which will be available to private schools/ child-care centers and public schools. Both will give our community the opportunity to serve many more children from lower income families and have funding for 3’s and 4’s where there currently is none to have a full 3 year age grouping for primary.

There will be a lot of significant advocacy work to be done at both the federal level and within each state to ensure that provisions in BBB do not impede full Montessori implementation. We need everyone informed and ready to jump into action when opportunities are identified.

What are your next steps?

Connect with your state advocacy leads so everyone in your state can work as a team and coordinate strategy and outreach. Let them know you’re willing to volunteer to help with the state level advocacy work for Build Back Better.