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Written by Hilary Kearney

Illustrated by Amy Holliday

I had the pleasure not long ago of visiting a botanical garden known for its orchids and generously filled with many other kinds of flowering plants, etc. Whenever I go to places like that, I always visit their gift shop and purchase a book or two for the school, my grandson, or others who are near and dear to me. As usual, I found this wonderful book.

This Little Book of Bees is huge! It is full of very informative content and gorgeous illustrations! You and your child will probably learn so much more than you ever knew about bees. The story of bees is fascinating. Maybe you and your child will be inspired to learn even more about bees and maybe even inspired to do some things – small or large – to help bees in your backyard, your local community, or around the world to survive and thrive.

I highly recommend this book as an addition to your home or school library. Children from four to twelve years old will be intrigued by the wonder of bees! It can be purchased at botanical gardens, nature preserves, bookstores, and from Amazon.