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As members of the IMC we hope that you have had the privilege and opportunity to attend one or more of our events. This past year we coordinated two amazing conferences: Hong Kong and Sarasota, Florida.

The Global Citizen

Our October 7 & 8th event in Hong Kong at our partner and accredited school, The International Montessori School of Hong Kong-Stanley, was the second time we were able to bring the conference to Hong Kong. The event was almost double in size from the first year. IMC board and accreditation members along with local Hong Kong presenters came together to inspire attendees on the theme of The Global Citizen. Fifty-three guides from Beijing, China traveled to Hong Kong to represent the Beijing International Montessori Research Institute and then several traveled again in November to attend the Florida event.

We are still working out the particulars of a 3rd event in 2018 so keep checking back at

Follow the Child

Meantime, back in Sarasota the 20th Anniversary Conference (Follow the Child) was our best attended, ever. With 350 attendees from all over the world, the biggest exhibit display and a huge pool of talented speakers an energy was created that was palpable.

The banquet on Friday honored our two newest accredited schools, Sun Grove Montessori School, Ft Pierce, FL and Village Montessori School at Bluemont, Bluemont, VA. This was followed by IMC board members Jonathan Wolff and Andrew Kutt leading the group in some real sharing experience time. Lots of great and funny stories were exchanged and a lively game of beach ball volleyball in the banquet hall was tons of fun.

This was interrupted with the arrival of Maria and Mario themselves. Yes, our own Tim Seldin and CGMS Elementary Program Director Ann Winkler had us falling off our chairs laughing at this original skit loaded with double entendres. This will certainly go down in the history books as one of the most engaging events we’ve ever had.

Here is just a small sampling of some of the unsolicited thank you emails we received after the event:

And thank YOU, Margot, for another fabulous experience. I’ve attended this conference nearly every year since 2003, and with this one, once again, I learned so much and returned to my school renewed and focused.

Laurie Stockton-Moreno
Presenter Brookview Montessori, MI

Congratulations! The 2016 Montessori Foundation Conference was a successful event, full of inspirational people, full of a very positive atmosphere, full of hearts wanting to work hard to put to work the amazing Montessori Philosophy in their own countries.

During this weekend, I just saw happy and enthusiastic people all around the world in a place in common, the 2016 Montessori Foundation Conference.

Patty Sobelman
HOS Pines Montessori, TX

Heidi and I would like to thank you and IMC for giving us the opportunity to present in the conference. It really was a great experience and I really think attendees enjoy it. We also would like to congratulate you for the great organizations and the quality of the content, presenters and activities selected. Looking forward to repeating.

Jorge Haro and Heidi Reed
Guides at Magnolia Montessori, FL

I sent a teacher this year to IMC who has struggled over the last three years with her interactions with others. She is highly insecure at times and it is challenging. She told me at the airport that she almost did not come knowing she would have to reimburse the school because of her anxiety. She also shared her personal struggles with that insecurity—something that she would never voice before in discussions with me although I could see it plain as day as her administrator. She also then shared how much she loved the conference, how it opened her eyes to a new world of people and ideas, that she is so happy and hopes so much that I will send her again.

So yes, I told her I will move money around so she can come again as the benefit for the continuity of our school culture and my relationship with her has been increased many fold. Please share that intangible yet so profound benefit of coming to the IMC conference with my gratitude and renewed peace.

Martha Carver
HOS Rock Prairie Montessori, WI

When asked if she enjoyed her conference experience, Kelly Warren commented, “Absolutely! The support from you guys are amazing and just what the good doctor ordered! I hadn’t been in 5 years and I’m back on my journey with lots of information and hope for the future!”

Words alone cannot express the deep feelings of thanks and gratitude I have for your work, your efforts, the efforts of the Foundation staff, the Hyatt’s amazing staff, and the dedication to community that I hold in my heart.

Tanya Ryskind
IMC accreditation commissioner, CGMS Instructional Guide and Consultant, MI

I arrived home safely on Wednesday. Recap; where do I start??? The conference was yet another awesome experience for me. I felt at home!!! Even though I didn’t attend any workshop, I learnt a whole lot. The keynote addresses were awesome. I made friends, I rediscovered myself. I had fun! You make it easy for me to keep coming back.

Folakemi Adenuga
Abuja, Nigeria

I just wanted to make sure you knew how much the folks from North Ogden, Utah enjoyed our first face-to-face exposure to IMC and the Montessori Foundation. The venue at the Hyatt, the tour of NewGate, workshops, keynotes, food, exhibitors and camaraderie was incredible and inspirational! We walked away with new friends and new knowledge. You are all doing amazing work and we look forward to future collaborations.

Kacee Weaver, M.Ed.
Curriculum Instructional Specialist
Maria Montessori Academy, UT

Montessori Leadership / February 2017