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Kathy Leitch
Kathy Leitch, IMC Executive Director Kathy has a twenty (20) year history of serving the IMC  as a school member, board member, and accreditation commissioner. These experiences have given her perspective, insight, understanding, and appreciation of the organization. Kathy’s passion, experience, and diverse skills will support the board in setting the course for the future of the International Montessori Council.  Kathy Leitch has been a leader in Montessori education for over 30 years. She graduated from Barry University and earned her Montessori credentials from the American Montessori Society for 0 - 3 & 3-6. Kathy founded and continues to serve as head of Renaissance Montessori School in Fort Myers, Florida. She has over 15 years of experience as a Montessori Teacher Trainer, School Consultant and Accreditation Commissioner.  Additionally, Kathy is a certified Parenting Instructor and Mindfulness Facilitator.
Dear IMC Members: We begin 2019 having completed 20 years of the International Montessori Council’s presence and impact in the Montessori community! As I look forward to the next 20 years, I wonder what the state of Montessori education will be 20 years hence.  Will we continue to build bridges across schools, organizations, and pedagogies? […]