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Amina Elshishiny is (at the time of original publication) currently an MA student at the Institute of Education University of London, studying Psychology and Human Development and specializing in Special and Inclusive Education. Her BA graduation project focused on initiating and managing a complex of three international and boarding schools operating under the Montessori system. Afterwards she obtained the Montessori Assistants Certificate. Simultaneously she volunteered and attended educational courses that targeted Child Development, Learning and Education. She recently launched a blog tackling topics pertaining to Fine Motor and Visual/Perceptual Motor Development for infants and Toddlers; Writing Preparation for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers; among other related issues.
n many countries bilingualism is a steadily growing phenomenon that shapes and affects the learning process of children at homes and schools. The most popular second languages in Egypt are English, French, and German. Many parents prefer their children to be schooled in a foreign language rather than their native mother tongue. Being fully bilingual […]