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Written by Christy Hale

I love this book for the classroom or at home! Christy Hale based this book on our land and water forms from the cultural area of Montessori classrooms. She not only wrote the text (of which there are just the names of each land or water form on that page) but also, she is an artist and did a wonderful job with the colors and illustrations. The way she designed the book is so clear and crisp. Children will not be distracted by too many words as they discover this part of our natural world. It’s so much fun, like magic, when the reader carefully turns the page and sees how each water form has an opposite landform.

To top it all off, Ms. Hale has included a fold-out chart at the back of the book with more information about the land and water forms and a map to see where the large ones are located around the world. Children ages 4-8 years will love this book!