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Paul has worked in Montessori education for over forty years as an administrator, teacher, researcher, consultant, international speaker, and author. He has been a Montessori classroom teacher in Montessori early childhood, middle, and high school programs as well as a university professor. He is the director of early childhood and secondary teacher education programs. Paul’s most recent publication is An Observer’s Notebook: Learning from Children with the Observation C.O.R.E.He is also the co-author of The Montessori Way, a definitive work on the Montessori experience. Contact Paul via email at or at
This is the recording of the third webcast in Dr. Paul Epstein’s series on Montessori adolescent programs. Paul uses the term the “Welt Schüler”: or students of the world. Montessori’s few insights about adolescent education outlined a living/learning farm-based experience for the seventh and eighth grader. Given geographical locations and circumstances, the Erdkinder may be […]