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Montessori Mathematics

Montessori Mathematics

The Challenge of Mathematics We use mathematics in almost every aspect of our everyday lives. As Dr. Montessori would often point out, much of our civilization is based upon mathematics. Science and technology depends upon mathematical calculations. Computers are totally mathematical devices. Businesses, research, and governmental agencies all rely upon the collection and interpretation of […]

Why Montessori Education Needs Health Education

By Dr. Bonny Olney If you attended public school growing up, you all remember “the film” we watched in fourth grade, boys in one room and girls in another. For us girls it was all about female anatomy and this complicated graph of the menstrual cycle. (I also remember being pulled out and disciplined for […]

New Directions for Montessori Secondary Education

by Jamie Wheal “Schools as they are today are adapted neither to the needs of adolescence nor to the times in which we live.” –Maria Montessori “College admissions, wrote psychologist Michael Thompson in a recent essay on the subject, “can make normal people act nutty and nutty people act quite crazy.” The pressures of this […]

Adolescence Without Tears – The Montessori High School

Adolescence Without Tears – The Montessori High School

Adolescence Without Tears – The Montessori High School A special issue from Tomorrow’s Child. Adolescence is the middle ground between childhood and the world of adults. Teenagers are neither child nor adult. One minute they are one, next the other. Their bodies are growing overnight, and as sudden spurts of growth begin, they often become […]

Book Review:  Apple in the Middle

Book Review: Apple in the Middle

 by Dawn Quigley This is the story of a girl in middle school whose name is Apple. Her mother was a Native American who died hours after Apple was born and her father was a very well-to-do European American who was left to raise Apple. From her birth to middle school Apple knew little to […]