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NEW BOOK! Montessori for Every Family: A Practical Parenting Guide To Living, Loving, And Learning

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Exclusive offer! First off the press copies ordered here will be signed by both authors, Tim Seldin and Lorna McGrath

This beautiful, modern Montessori book for parents outlines the key principles of this parenting approach and shows you how you can easily apply this at home. It provides a valuable starting point for parents to help them create a family life inspired by the ethos of Montessori.

This practical parenting guide makes Montessori accessible to every parent and child, regardless of time pressures and resources. It includes:

– Outlines of the Montessori principles clearly and succinctly: respect, freedom, curiosity, creativity, responsibility and independence.
– Examples on how to apply these principles to everyday life – with sections on breakfast time, school/daycare drop off, school/daycare pick up, playtime, meal times, homework time, bath time and bedtime.
– Demonstrations of how to apply Montessori techniques to an older child new to Montessori and how to flex and build on the techniques as your child grows up.

Montessori is a unique educational philosophy created by Maria Montessori that fosters the growth of the whole child. From enjoying nature together to free time and weekends, every aspect of family life is an opportunity for meaningful engagement with your child. Montessori For Every Family offers you pragmatic, real-life advice, suitable for children of all ages, showing you how easy and natural it is to create a nourishing and empowering environment at home for everyone.

Even if your child won’t go to a Montessori school, a Montessori home can still be an invaluable bridge to reinforcing your child’s natural curiosity and setting the foundation for lifelong learning. This is the only Montessori book that recognizes that most parents don’t have the time and resources to overhaul their lives to fully embrace a parenting philosophy, but instead need practical, immediate guidance that is effective.

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2 reviews for NEW BOOK! Montessori for Every Family: A Practical Parenting Guide To Living, Loving, And Learning

  1. Jean Bishop

    I have not read the book from cover to cover but it is very nicely laid out with clear sections. I can imagine the parent snatching a few minutes to read anyone of these sections. I particularly like how children in different planes of development are considered. From an artistic point of view, the typography is lovely and the images perfectly illustrate the text. I am excited to see a book like this. I am a Montessori educator and I am glad to share this with our parents.

  2. Sherria VanSparrentak

    Started this book study three weeks ago with caregivers at my school. I have read it completely a few times now and it is so informational. The topics create deeper discussions, ideas, and cultivate a community of learners. I highly recommend this book to learn how to being Montessori into your every day life.

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