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 Garden Oaks is a public school in a neighborhood of Houston, TX, called the Heights.

The school was under-enrolled at 405 students with five Montessori and 19 traditional classrooms when Dr. Lindsey Pollock arrived in 2008. The district tasked her to convert the entire school to Montessori.

Today, under the guidance and direction of Dr. Pollock and her team, the school has completed construction of a three-story building that houses nine early childhood, eleven upper elementary, and four secondary Montessori classrooms, enrolled close to nine hundred students, and created areas on campus for environmental studies, such as gardens, water collection stations, a meteorology center, and two roosters.

They also have a technology center, a gymnasium, science lab, art room, library, cafeteria, nurses station, reception areas, and administrative offices. They recently received recognition from Educational Results Partnership (ERP) as a leader in student achievement. Garden Oaks is featured on their website –

The IMC is proud of the accomplishments of Garden Oaks Montessori Magnet School and welcomes them as the first public IMC accredited school. Congratulations to Dr. Pollock and the Garden Oaks school community.

Amanda Sebba has been selected as the new principal of Garden Oaks Montessori. She has served as the assistant principal for the past four years at Braeburn Elementary School.