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Michael Dorer is a Montessori educator, with a doctorate in Instructional Leadership, and Montessori credentials fromAMI and AMS for 3-6, and 6-12. He has worked in Montessori education since 1969 with Toddlers, Children’s House, Elementary, Adolescents, and adults in Montessori teacher training. He is a frequent speaker, presenter, storyteller, and school consultant. Michael has written seven Montessori curriculum manuals, and many articles. His newest book is The Deep Well ofTime: The Transformative Power of Storytelling in the Classroom, published by Parent-Child Press. Michael is the retired Director of Montessori at St. Catherine University and founded the Montessori Institute at WestminsterCollege in Utah. You can reach Michael at
hen people first come to study the approach that bears Dr. Maria Montessori’s name, they often see it as simplistic—easily grasped and even more easily implemented. It is not uncommon to hear Montessori principles boiled down: it’s “all about choice”; “independence is the centerpiece”; or “it focuses upon the idea of ‘work.’” Montessori is much […]