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Yay, You! Moving Up and Moving On

Written by Sandra Boynton

I got this book last year (just a little bit too late for the traditional graduation season) and kept hanging on to it until the season came again. Although, I suppose I could have written a review at any time of the year, as there’s no limit on when we can move up and move on.

I love this book because you can get it for a person at age six or twelve or eighteen or even fifty-six! Good, you finished something. What’s next? Yay, You! points out that there are lots of choices and plenty more to do. It’s filled with fun illustrations to let you know there’s plenty more to come. No pressure though. Just as there are all kinds of choices, there are all kinds of people, too. It asks the readers to explore who they are, what they want to do, how, and where they want to go as they continue their life’s journey.