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Gavin McCormack is currently the principal at Farmhouse Montessori School in Sydney, Australia, over 20 years of experience teaching in several countries across the world, Gavin has conducted hundreds of teacher training workshops in schools across the globe including the U.K., France, Australia, and Nepal; where he is an Honorary principal at Kathmandu Montessori Training Centre. He’s currently advising several schools in Thailand, Nepal, and Australia on the development of pedagogies that initiate independent learning and research-based outcomes for children. In 2017 he trained several hundred teachers on classroom delivery techniques and lesson preparation, and built and opened two schools in Nepal, which are fully sustainable. He continues to visit Nepal where he delivers Montessori training, planning, and programming advice. He was nominated for the 2017 Australian Author of the Year Award. He writes and globally distributes picture books designed to educate children about friendship, kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.