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Kathryn is the president of the International Network for Children and Families, a worldwide parent-training network that teaches her life changing course, “Redirecting Children’ Behavior.” The course provides skill-building strategies to families. They emphasize teamwork, creating win-win situations, and effectively avoiding power struggles using kind-but-firm methods promoted by Alfred Adler and Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs. Kathryn and her husband, Brian Harper, reside in Gainesville, Florida and have a blended family of five children: Brianna, Tyler, Chloe, Emily, and Amy. Her experiences as a mom, single mom, and step-mom have made her empathetic to her audience and easy for them to relate to her.
Sometimes Dad’s feel like a “duck out of water” when it comes to relating to their tween/teen daughter. The little girl’s body that used to rough and tumble now has begun to develop making roughing and tumbling awkward. Also, this stage in a girl’s life is fraught with emotional upheavals which often make Dads shy […]