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September 14, 2016 This week we began a series of three webcasts about fundraising in Montessori schools.

Some schools have been running very successful campaigns for years, some are just in the early stages, and some would like to begin.

This week we discussed:

  • the nature of fundraising
  • the importance of fundraising for all nonprofits
  • the psychology of why people give
  • the types of basic fundraising programs that are commonly found in independent schools: annual funds, special events, raffles, bake sales, golf tournaments, etc.
  • major fundraising efforts; capital campaigns, planned giving, and endowment funds
  • how to avoid fundraisers that consume time and energy and produce little result
  • how fundraising can build community rather than creating aggravation

In coming webcasts, we will go into greater depth, discuss specific strategies and systems to support your efforts, and explore the ways to cultivate ongoing support from a broader audience than your current families