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Pizza Day book cover


Pizza Day

Written by Melissa Iwai

This is a wonderful hardcover book with sturdy, somewhat water-proof pages. The illustrations are richly colored and very realistic. The story is all about a boy and his dad spending time together while preparing for their delicious dinner. The author takes us back to planting the seeds for vegetables and herbs. Later, the boy harvests some of the fruits of the plants that are ripe and counts how many of each type they will need. The illustrations are there for your child to count as you read. Then the washing of the plants, the measuring, mixing, kneading, and rising of the dough. Meanwhile, the chopping takes place as the boy uses his senses to enjoy the smells of the fresh food. While the sauce is cooking and the dough is rising, dad, son, and family dog play outside and enjoy each other’s company.

It’s time for the dough to wake up. They punch it down and roll it out. The sauce is then awakened and blended. They are ready to put it all together and bake it in the oven. Wonderful, simple directions, and illustrations! As they wait for the pizza to bake, they play together some more, and mom makes a salad. When the pizza is done, the family enjoys the meal together! At the end of the book, there is a more detailed recipe for the sauce, the dough, and the “putting it together.” Think of all that this child has experienced — intellectually, emotionally, and sensorily — during the process of creating and sharing family time together at home.