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On Earth

Written by G. Brian Karas

Springtime always makes me think about new beginnings and new hope for our lives and our planet. That reminds me of a song by a greatly loved Montessorian, Sanford Jones… at the beginning is a good place to be. what will each day bring for you and me? New life, new hope, new things to see, at the beginning is a good place to be!

I digress. On Earth is a beautiful beginning to understanding about the Earth’s constant motion; how we measure it with calendars and candles; how we experience it with changes in the weather, and the amount of light in a day; how we made up points on the Earth like the equator and the north and south poles; what helps us stick to the Earth and not fall off. It’s filled with wonderful illustrations of all these things and begs us to do more with globes, flashlights, and imagination!