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Helping Your Children Develop Executive-Functioning Skills

A caring family life and an environment rich in activities, offers everything a child needs to develop higher-level brain processes. n essence, the brain’s executive functions allow us to plan, organize, and complete tasks. Montessori would not have recognized the term, yet most of her activities are tailor-made for these higher-brain processes. Infants as young […]

The Celebration of Thinking

n The Celebration of Thinking  Elliot Eisner, professor of education and art  at Stanford University writes,: We should be concerned about curricula that place a heavy emphasis on limited forms of learning and thinking.  When limited forms of learning dominate curricula, they also cultivate a disposition.  Following rules and applying algorithms do not match the […]

Montessori Talks to Parents: Our Parent Forums

Montessori Talks to Parents: Our Parent Forums

ast week was the first session of “Montessori Talks to Parents,” a series of six meetings. It is but one opportunity from among a rich offering from the parent education committee. I laud their efforts.  In trying to respond to your needs, the committee is offering a variety of programs focused on Montessori education, parenting […]