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Education Needs a Radical Change

Education Needs a Radical Change

fter recently watching a film about the life of Jane Goodall, and then reading a recent interview with her, I was struck by her stark observations regarding the state of our planet—in terms of climate change, the disappearance of species, the destruction of forests, the melting glaciers, the pollution of the oceans, the desperate plight […]

All Hands On!!!!  Science Inquiry With Young Toddlers

All Hands On!!!! Science Inquiry With Young Toddlers

  cience may not be a topic that families emphasize with their toddlers. Instead, families may focus on sharing story books, building structures with blocks, exploring crayons and paint, and simply playing with toddlers’ favorite toys. These are all excellent choices, but the world of inquiry-based science offers surprising opportunities for toddlers too. The following […]

Art or Science?

  wo five-year-old girls have created the solar system.  It is larger than they are, rendered in tempera paint on paper that must be ten feet long.  The planets are drawn to scale and painted to match our best photos of the heavenly spheres.  The background, the vast emptiness of space between the planets, is […]