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Paul has worked in Montessori education for over forty years as an administrator, teacher, researcher, consultant, international speaker, and author. He has been a Montessori classroom teacher in Montessori early childhood, middle, and high school programs as well as a university professor. He is the director of early childhood and secondary teacher education programs. Paul’s most recent publication is An Observer’s Notebook: Learning from Children with the Observation C.O.R.E.He is also the co-author of The Montessori Way, a definitive work on the Montessori experience. Contact Paul via email at or at
Adolescent development is guided by self-expression, trust, commitment, and new ways of thinking. The ideal environment for the adolescent is a small learning community which mirrors adult society.  spoke recently with a friend about a course I led in Warsaw, Poland for teachers. The focus of the course concerned the design and implementation of Montessori […]