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Michael Dorer is a Montessori educator, with a doctorate in Instructional Leadership, and Montessori credentials fromAMI and AMS for 3-6, and 6-12. He has worked in Montessori education since 1969 with Toddlers, Children’s House, Elementary, Adolescents, and adults in Montessori teacher training. He is a frequent speaker, presenter, storyteller, and school consultant. Michael has written seven Montessori curriculum manuals, and many articles. His newest book is The Deep Well ofTime: The Transformative Power of Storytelling in the Classroom, published by Parent-Child Press. Michael is the retired Director of Montessori at St. Catherine University and founded the Montessori Institute at WestminsterCollege in Utah. You can reach Michael at
Authorized List of Montessori Materials for Montessori Classrooms Organized and Edited by Michael Dorer Contributors: Michael Dorer, Syneva Barrett, Lois Bobo, Rose Dorer, Peter Hanson, Shanna Honan, Maria Kaminstein, Angela Lord-Carsrud, Ann Luce, Chris Sacerdote, Larry Shankar, Maria Verhaal   Copyright Michael Dorer Shared with members and students on the Montessori Foundation and International Montessori […]