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It has been a long, challenging few months for many of us in the Americas and around the world. Along with an unusually active and violent hurricane season, earthquakes, wildfires, and flooding, we have watched in horror as gun violence, terrorism, and the threat of nuclear war have taken a very disturbing uptick.

In this issue, we have included some information on helping children cope with the aftermath of disasters, natural and human-made. We have also included some information on environmental sustainability because we all need to pay attention, even if it no longer seems to be a priority project for all leaders of the world.

The voices and efforts of Montessori parents, teachers, and students are more important now than ever. Without action, the words to victims and survivors, that they “are in our thoughts and prayers” are empty. This strung-together expression of condolence no longer provides comfort; instead, in my opinion, it has become an over-used excuse for the inability or unwillingness to take personal and governing responsibility.
What we do and say matters to the children in our lives.

Be their voice.


Joyce St. Giermaine, Editor

PS: For those of us living in the US, should you want to know where to start, here’s a link to the people who represent you at the state and national level:

PPS: For many years, we’ve provided a free print subscription to every school in our database within the US and Canada. To help with saving some trees, we are discontinuing this practice and encourage those schools that wish to continue reading our magazine to consider ordering a membership.

Tomorrow’s Child/ November 2017