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Webinar:  The Perfection Deception

Webinar: The Perfection Deception

On October 6th, our guest was Dr. Jane Bluestein. We discussed her latest book, The Perfection Deception. Most people mistakenly confuse perfectionism with a healthy striving for excellence?but there is a big difference. One can lead to great achievement?or at least great learning?by allowing us to take risks, make mistakes, and forge ahead anyway. The […]

Webinar:  Helping Your Child Get Organized / Part 2

Webinar: Montessori for Adolescents / Pt1

Find out how traditional education fails to prepare young people for the “ever-changing future” in the 21st century. Paul’s knowledge and insights with regard to adolescents and Montessori are not only encouraging but also clearly stated and practical.

Make the Most of It

t could be the motto on his coat of arms—his attitude toward life. In fact, it’s what Post Oak School graduate Darrell DeVera said to explain his wide-ranging activities first at Strake Jesuit High School, then at St. Thomas University.  In order to find a niche for himself in a large high school, Darrell joined […]