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Ten Signs of On-Track Development

Ten Signs of On-Track Development

hildren who are on-track with their development display ten specific behaviors and characteristics. In Montessori terms, we call this process of natural and normal development, normalization. As parents and teachers, we are concerned about doing the right things with our children. When our children go through difficult periods, we can spend nights tossing and turning […]

Make Your Own Nature Museum

Make Your Own Nature Museum

When your child brings specimens home, help him to create his own nature area where he can observe and learn. ost children have a strong desire to bring some samples of nature home with them and will be delighted if you can find ways to accommodate their finds. Depending on the space you have available, […]

Staying the Course: The Importance of Montessori for the Kindergarten Year

t’s re-enrollment time again, and in thousands of Montessori schools all over America parents of four-almost-five-year-olds are trying to decide whether or not they should keep their sons and daughters in the final year of their primary Montessori experience or send them off to kindergarten in local, non-Montessori schools. The advantages of using the local […]

Understanding your Child’s Personality

By recognizing, accommodating, and celebrating our children’s different personalities, we show that the world welcomes them as individuals. Understanding Personality Types When you were young, were you the child who ran into class, excited to be there, or were you hesitant? Were you the most popular one in class, or often alone? Did you enjoy […]

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Helping Your Children Develop Executive-Functioning Skills

A caring family life and an environment rich in activities, offers everything a child needs to develop higher-level brain processes. n essence, the brain’s executive functions allow us to plan, organize, and complete tasks. Montessori would not have recognized the term, yet most of her activities are tailor-made for these higher-brain processes. Infants as young […]