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What is Montessori Education?

A collection of articles, videos, and resources to help you understand why Montessori became the world’s largest movement for building the schools of tomorrow.

Moveable Alphabet

Montessori 101

This 80-page full-color illustrated publication is a wonderful resource for anyone seeking to demystify Montessori. It addresses topics such as the history and philosophy of Montessori; offers a guided tour of the Montessori Classroom, and serves as an illustrated guide to dozens of wonderful Montessori materials. It’s a must-have resource for anyone interested in Montessori, and one that parents will surely refer back to throughout their child’s Montessori experience.

Weekly Webinars

Our free weekly webinars for administrators, teachers, and families began during the pandemic and continue to attract a growing wide and diverse following.

Montessori book

Montessori For Every Family

This beautiful, modern Montessori book for parents outlines the key principles of this parenting approach and shows you how you can easily apply them at home. It provides a valuable starting point for parents to help them create a family life inspired by the ethos of Montessori.


The confidence the school has gained by the knowledge gained in this course was evident at our latest parent meeting. We were able to answer the parents’ questions with more affirmation and I could see that our confidence gave them confidence in us. Interesting, I just took my first born child off to college this weekend. …

Parenting Puzzle

Montessori Parenting Course

The Montessori Foundation offers a lovely course for families called The Parenting Puzzle. This self-paced five-week course will help you create an even more peaceful and harmonious home.


Frequently Asked Questions About Montessori

Parents often have questions about Montessori. Here are some of the answers.

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Become a Montessori Teacher

Montessori schools continue to increase worldwide every year. Find a MACTE accredited Montessori teacher education program.


Find a Montessori School

This is our international database of the Montessori schools registered with us. Search for schools by city or postal code.


Montessori Organizations in the USA

There are several professional Montessori organizations in North America. They offer membership services, conferences, affiliation, and accreditation to educators, Montessori schools, and teacher education programs.

Dr. Maria Montessori - A Historical Perspective

Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952) was born 100 years ahead of her time. Her work helps to redefine our understanding of childhood, children’s rights, ideal learning, and brain development. This is her condensed life story.


What Makes Montessori Different?

Montessori schools are not completely different from other schools. However, when schools fully implement the entire Montessori model, which creates something quite distinct.


Programs, publications, subscriptons, and resources of invaluable help to your school.

The Foundation's Lab School

As the Lab School for The Montessori Foundation, the NewGate School in Sarasota, Florida offers accredited Montessori programs for infants through high school. Leading our own Lab School helps us keep in touch with the real-life of schools.

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Benefits of Fine-Motor Skills Development

Benefits of Fine-Motor Skills Development

When your child becomes a toddler, you may suddenly begin hearing about fine-motor skill development. There are many ways to develop fine-motor skills, and they are often discussed as if writing is the ultimate outcome. Yet, getting through a day without using your...

Providing Peace in the Pandemic

Providing Peace in the Pandemic

The Montessori Approach to Living Well in Anxious Times The Covid 19 pandemic has brought about so many feelings in all of us: fear, uncertainty, sadness, loneliness, isolation, confusion, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of failure, a lack of connection, a loss of...

Developing a Global Understanding

Developing a Global Understanding

Montessori is an education centered around peace. How do we help students spend a lifetime, not only accepting and sharing peace, but also feeling secure in the idea that, what is ‘different’ from them and their understanding is interesting and exciting rather than...

Staying Neutral: How To Manage Siblings Fighting

Staying Neutral: How To Manage Siblings Fighting

You know the scene. Two children both want the same thing. Or one of them is hurting the other. Or they are complaining and nagging each other. We can’t help ourselves, we come to the rescue. “Why don’t you go first, and then the other one can have a turn next?” “Why...

Silence is a Gift

Silence is a Gift

For more than a hundred years, children in Montessori schools have been practicing the Silence Game as part of their regular routine. Maria Montessori discovered that children experience great pleasure from the self-control that produces real silence. This is a...

Maria Montessori:  In Her Own Words

What happened will always remain a mystery to me. I have tried since then to understand what took place in those children. Certainly there was nothing of what is to be found now in any House of Children. There were only rough large tables. I brought them some of the materials which had been used for our work in experimental psychology, the items which we use today as sensorial material and materials for the exercises of practical life.

I merely wanted to study the children’s reactions. I asked the woman in charge not to interfere with them in any way, as otherwise I would not be able to observe them. Someone brought them paper and colored pencils, but, in itself, this was not the explanation of the further events. There was no one who loved them. I myself only visited them once a week, and during the day, the children had no communication with their parents.

The children were quiet; they had no interference either from the teacher or from the parents, but their environment contrasted vividly from that which they had been used to; compared to that of their previous life, it seemed fantastically beautiful. The walls were white, there was a green plot of grass outside, though no one had yet thought to plant flowers in it, but most beautiful of all was the fact that they had interesting occupations in which no one, no one at all, interfered....

Above: Maria Montessori
Helen Keller

Staff Picks From Our Bookstore

Montessori for Every Family

Lorna McGrath &
Tim Seldin



Montessori 101

The Montessori
Foundation Staff



parenting puzzle

The Parenting Puzzle

Lorna McGrath
The Montessori Foundation

Tomorrow’s Child Magazine was one of the Foundation’s earliest projects.
Over the years, it has evolved with technology and is now offered in
different formats to meet the need of our readers.

Tomorrow's Child Magazine March 2020

Tomorrrow’s Child Magazine

Tomorrow’s Child was originally created for the parents of Montessori students. As it turned out, Tomorrow’s Child has become a publication read by parents, grandparents, students who may contribute content from time to time, and families who want to know more about Montessori for their own children. It is published four times during the school months (at least here in North America), but we have many international readers and welcome submissions of photos and content from around the world.

Through Tomorrow’s Child, we have shared stories of the youngest Montessori children through those who graduate from Montessori high schools. We share information from former students about the impact of their Montessori education on their life as college students, their choices of work, and how they raise their own children. It is not unusual to find that many students enrolled in Montessori schools today are actually second-generation Montessorians.

We also provide solid advice on how to bring Montessori into the home, sharing the very real challenges and rewards of raising children in an atmosphere of respect for every level of development.

Montessori schools deliberately create a partnership with parents to work together to teach children what they need to succeed in the ‘real’ world; that’s the easy part! The greater, more rewarding challenge is to help children retain the capacity to grow into adulthood with the empathy, gravitas, and leadership skills they experienced in their Montessori schools when they were children.

Get Involved

Want to get involved? We welcome and depend on the gift of time, wisdom, and financial contributions. The Montessori Foundation and the International Montessori Council are non-profit organizations. Gifts of any amount (or kind) to help sustain our programs are gratefully accepted.