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Webcast:  Montessori Secondary Education / Pt 3

Webcast: Montessori Secondary Education / Pt 3

This is the recording of the third webcast in Dr. Paul Epstein’s series on Montessori adolescent programs. Paul uses the term the “Welt Schüler”: or students of the world. Montessori’s few insights about adolescent education outlined a living/learning farm-based experience for the seventh and eighth grader. Given geographical locations and circumstances, the Erdkinder may be […]

Understanding your Child’s Personality

By recognizing, accommodating, and celebrating our children’s different personalities, we show that the world welcomes them as individuals. Understanding Personality Types When you were young, were you the child who ran into class, excited to be there, or were you hesitant? Were you the most popular one in class, or often alone? Did you enjoy […]

Video:  Do schools kill Creativity?

Video: Do schools kill Creativity?

In this acclaimed TED Talk, Sir Keneth Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.