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by Cheryl Allen

When summer comes, we often are able to spend more time outdoors. If you have the space for a garden, or even a single plant, inviting your child to grow items with you is a great way to encourage practical life at home. Time outside at your child’s pace and exploring their interests can be just a few minutes or, when there is time and interest, a few hours together. We have gathered some items to encourage exploration outside. 

These products are aligned with the Montessori philosophy. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission.

Primary Garden Tools

A set of tools for the youngest gardeners. The lighter weight and shorter handles make these tools easy for 3-5 years olds to use while gardening.

garden tools

Lil’ True Temper Wheelbarrow

A child-sized wheelbarrow allows heavy work in the garden to involve the whole family.

child and wheelbarrow

EZ Read Rain Gauge

How much has it rained? Keeping track of the rain on this easy-to-read gauge encourages exploration of measurement and record-keeping.

The Fruits We Eat and

The Vegetables We Eat

These books by Gail Gibbons share information about how fruits and vegetables grow, where they grow, and what we eat from the plants.

Nature Kaleidoscope

Place small items in the specially designed cup of this kaleidoscope and view the art you create.

child using a kaleidoscope


Get a close-up look at bugs (or plants or rocks) without touching them. This magnifier is easy for even young children to use.

bug loupe

Sunprint Kit

Arrange objects on this specially treated paper, set it in the sun, rinse, and you have a piece of art.

sunprint kit

Leaf and Flower Press With Carrying Strap

This press can go on hikes with you to preserve pieces of nature you find along the way.

leaf and flower press

Lil’ Gardener Tool Kit

This kit includes child-sized gloves and three hand tools perfect for turning soil and digging holes.

little garden kit


Cheryl Allen is the Director of Parent Education for the Montessori Family Alliance and is also a parenting educator and a Montessori consultant with the Montessori Foundation. After some time as a traditional secondary teacher, she worked in Montessori classrooms, earning certifications from both AMS (3-6 and 6-9) and IMC (6-12). She is a teacher educator, workshop presenter, and member of IMC accreditation teams.