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Setting Limits

   “It is not that you are a bad parent. You are experiencing a bad moment.” What are setting limits, and do I need them? This is a roadmap for you to feel confident with your boundaries so that you can experience more peace and joy with your children! This is a hot topic for most parents because kids test our limits. It can be confounding… how could my little angel hit me, spit at me, throw things, or tell me I am a bad mommy? However, pushing limits is their job! Kids push boundaries...

Free ReadsMFATC November 2022

Montessori Mom, Guide, & Entrepreneur

Editor’s Note: Montessori teacher training is meant to be transformative for the adult learner. Dr. Montessori said, “The real preparation for education is a study of oneself. The training of the teacher who is to help life is something far more than a learning of ideas. It includes character training; it is a preparation of the spirit.” This transformation comes through studying ourselves: seeing ourselves through the eyes of others; acknowledging our own faults and weaknesses; reflecting...

MFATC November 2022

Traveling as a Family

Over school holidays, many families choose to travel. They may visit family or to places that are new adventures for everyone. Travelling can be stressful. Here are some tips to make any trip easier for the whole family. First, Plan Together - During a family meeting, discuss travel plans (the where, when, and how), the budget, and ask each person what they would like to do on your trip. Knowing your budget ahead of time can be helpful with what is planned and the expectations of the whole...

Free ReadsMFATC November 2022

Preparing a Montessori Art Environment at Home

Whether your child attends a Montessori school, or you are starting to homeschool using Montessori education, one area you should consider teaching is visual arts. Art is an often-overlooked aspect of Montessori education today. Even traditional Montessori classrooms struggle with providing art literacy. Teaching art lessons has a ton of benefits that go beyond beautiful art. There are some other important reasons to create an art space in your home and give art lessons regularly. For...

MFATC November 2022

Encouraging Consent

When children are young, it may seem difficult to think about teaching children about giving and asking for consent. Parents might wait until their child is at least in the elementary years to tackle this topic. Yet, like most big ideas involved in raising children, it is best to begin teaching it consistently from an early age. Consent should be a part of your everyday family life, even if you don’t use the word. Even infants can be shown the idea of consent. Consent has a great deal to do...

MFATC November 2022

Why take a Montessori Parenting Course?

 You already have your child in a Montessori school or are, at least, thinking of putting your child into one. You are looking for the best education for your child. You want to learn more about Montessori at home and at school. You care deeply about giving your child the best education and care that you can. We know this because you are reading Tomorrow’s Child magazine. So, let’s think about taking it one step further. Let’s look at the benefits of a parenting course designed especially...

MFATC November 2022

Creating Positive Holiday Memories Built on Your Family’s Values

Something about the holidays finds its way into our most profound memories. Music, food, smells, and traditions can ignite emotions. The feelings of comfort and joy of holidays past come rushing back to us. Or we remember the loneliness, the heartbreak, the frustration, and the anger. Whatever the feelings may be, they stay with us and shape us. When I reflect on holidays during my childhood, this is what I remember. I remember my mom bundling my sister and me up in winter gear so my dad...

Book Review TC November 2022MFATC November 2022


Just Like Brothers Written by Elizabeth Baguley Illustrated by Aurélie Blanz This is a charming book with gorgeous illustrations and interesting descriptive and rhyming verses. The story is about how sometimes groups teach their children to guard themselves against other groups without knowing, interacting, or understanding. They fear and sometimes hate each other when in fact, they might be able to live like brothers. The author uses a human child and a wolf cub as the characters that are...

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What Children Really Get Out of Montessori

The basic nature of our society and the family itself have changed radically, and only an equally radical change in education will suffice. — John Dewey, School and Society, 1899 When we try to define what our children really “get” from Montessori, we need to expand our vision to include more than just the basics. Of course, they learn to read, do four digit mathematics, recognize geometric shapes, and identify the parts of a plant and a mollusk. They also learn how to be contributing...

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Montessori: A Model for Inclusive Education?

More and more students with a diversity of unique behavior and learning needs are enrolling in Montessori classrooms in independent, public, and charter Montessori schools. And more and more Montessori school leaders and classroom teachers are expressing their concerns: “I don’t know how to work with these kids.” “There are just too many challenges in my classroom.” “My teachers will quit if I put these students in their classrooms.” “Is Montessori a good fit, the right place for these...

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