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Andrew Newman is an internationally-renowned and award-winning author and founder of Conscious Bedtime Story Club, a growing series of bedtime stories purpose-built to support parent-child connection in the last 20 minutes of the day. His early and profound longing for connection with all things spiritual later inspired a career in writing and communication in many forms. Today Newman balances the worlds of entrepreneur and teacher, creating a healthy mission-aligned business that serves the world on a personal, local and global scale and supporting the essential goal of global oneness and Oneness consciousness. A recognized voice in the conscious parenting movement, his latest project, The Conscious Bedtime Story Club, is intended to bring parent and child into deeper connection and spiritual union with each other.
Bedtime is far more than ‘just story time’. It is a time when our kids are integrating the experiences of their day and transitioning between brain states and brain functions. How we engage with them during the last 20 minutes impacts their esteem, self-worth, and confidence in the morning. Listen in on this conversation around […]
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