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Having sent a child to Montessori for the first three years, by now you have probably got a young person who is very full of herself, very self-assured, independent, and who absolutely loves to go to school.

As your child approaches the end of her third year in the Children’s House, I know that you are giving careful thought as to whether or not to continue with Montessori. Having had the gift of this sort of education myself through high school, and having seen my five children blossom in Montessori at the elementary level and beyond, I want to encourage you to remember that an investment in a fine education pays the best dividends. In the elementary Montessori program at your school, your children will have the opportunity to learn absolutely amazing things!

One of the things that you will see when you enter their new elementary classroom is joy, excitement, and enthusiasm. These are not children who are given workbooks and simplistic assignments to do over and over again. These will normally become deeply engaged in work that they will find interesting, meaningful, and often intriguing.

You will find that the elementary Montessori curriculum is highly enriched and challenging.

It is organized into three streams: