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Webcast:  What should be in a Montessori Primary classroom?

Webcast: What should be in a Montessori Primary classroom?

> This week we discussed the topic of what belongs in an early childhood Montessori classroom. We share a suggested list of materials and furnishings with you. Our goal was not to cover each material, but to discuss the issue in broader terms and to explore the issue of materials from outside of Montessori.

Why Continue in Montessori Elementary?

Why Continue in Montessori Elementary?

Having sent a child to Montessori for the first three years, by now you have probably got a young person who is very full of herself, very self-assured, independent, and who absolutely loves to go to school. As your child approaches the end of her third year in the...
Webcast:  A Montessori Horizontal Curriculum

Webcast: A Montessori Horizontal Curriculum

A webcast with Tim Seldin, Kathy Leitch, and Michael Dorer. What kind of Montessori curriculum does your school have? We look at curriculum offerings in terms of their overall direction. A curriculum can have three directions: vertical, horizontal, or something in between. Michael talked about these directions. so that you can see where your classrooms […]

The Definitive List of Best Silent Auction Items

The Definitive List of Best Silent Auction Items

ur thanks to Zach Hagopian and our friends at Accelevents for permission to share this list. Accelevents is a company that offers online software to handle silent auctions and raffles. HTTP://WWW.ACCELEVENTS.COM So you’ve decided to use a silent auction at your fundraiser. You may have even identified a MOBILE FUNDRAISING platform to expand your reach […]

Webcast: Montessori Ground Rules /  What are they? / How should we use them?

Webcast: Montessori Ground Rules / What are they? / How should we use them?

In this webcast, Dr. Michael Dorer discussed Ground Rules – What Are they? How should we use them? Establishing and maintaining sensible and fair ground rules is a necessity in any Montessori classroom. Many classes and schools, often in the elementary levels and above struggle with this important foundation. Michael will discuss what ground rules are […]

Understanding your Child’s Personality

By recognizing, accommodating, and celebrating our children’s different personalities, we show that the world welcomes them as individuals. Understanding Personality Types When you were young, were you the child who ran into class, excited to be there, or were you hesitant? Were you the most popular one in class, or often alone? Did you enjoy […]

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Why Multi-Age Groupings?

Why Multi-Age Groupings?

The education of even a small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life.” – Maria Montessori ave you ever wondered why Montessori classrooms have multi-age groupings? Have you ever thought, “Won’t the oldest children in the class regress socially?” Did you ever want to ask, “I get how the […]

What We Know about Children and Learning: Is Anyone Paying Attention?

became frustrated and very disheartened at the way teachers were expected to treat the children in their classrooms and the environments in which children were placed to learn when I taught in conventional schools. And now, having left that environment decades ago, I continue to be appalled at seeing that nothing has changed except becoming […]

The Celebration of Thinking

n The Celebration of Thinking  Elliot Eisner, professor of education and art  at Stanford University writes,: We should be concerned about curricula that place a heavy emphasis on limited forms of learning and thinking.  When limited forms of learning dominate curricula, they also cultivate a disposition.  Following rules and applying algorithms do not match the […]

Guiding Children: Reform Ourselves to Reform Education

The educator must be as one inspired by a deep worship of life, and must through this reverence respect … the development of the child’s life.” n January 6, 2017, we celebrated the 110th anniversary of the opening of the first Montessori school. What’s remarkable is that few educational movements persist this long, and even […]

The Montessori Foundation’s BIG Work

The Montessori Foundation’s BIG Work

f you are receiving this issue from your child’s school, you are already a member of The Montessori Foundation’s Montessori Family Alliance (MFA) … even if you don’t know it. Individual subscribers are also members. What does Alliance membership get you? Actually, quite a lot … with more information being added every day. The Montessori […]

Offering Students the World: An Essay on Foreign Language Work in a Montessori Middle School

ith the number of Montessori Junior High programs increasing every year, there are several logistical components that need more guidance and thought. Some of the broader components of occupations, seminars, and mathematics have been talked about repeatedly, and there are many practitioners to offer advice and strategies. One component that has not seen as much […]