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Ten Essential Montessori Principles (Plus One!)

hen people first come to study the approach that bears Dr. Maria Montessori’s name, they often see it as simplistic—easily grasped and even more easily implemented. It is not uncommon to hear Montessori principles boiled down: it’s “all about choice”; “independence is the centerpiece”; or “it focuses upon the idea of ‘work.’” Montessori is much […]

Sensitive Periods

Sensitive Periods

ontessori believed in a necessary relationship between children and their environment. Children must find a properly prepared environment if they are to fully develop their unique human potentials. In addition to determining children’s eventual height, hair color, and other physical characteristics, there is another cognitive plan which determines the unique emotional and intellectual qualities of […]

Webinar:  Sensitive Periods in the Elementary Years / Pt 1

Webinar: Sensitive Periods in the Elementary Years / Pt 1

Robin Howe, Associate Head of NewGate School, the lab school of the Montessori Foundation, offers a clear explanation of “sensitivities” an elementary child experiences and many useful ideas for understanding their interests and behaviors in this two part series. Download File