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An Odyssey

t is an Odyssey, a true adventure, for the 18-month old child to walk with her teacher through the halls and gardens of Post Oak School to get the mail.  The act of walking itself is her focus.  It is an accomplishment just getting all the way there and all the way back to the […]

Celebrating Birthdays in the Montessori Classroom

very year in Montessori classrooms all over the world, young children celebrate their birthdays by walking around a candle with a globe in their hands, symbolic of the passages around the sun that the children have made during their lives. As these Montessori children get older, their stories get longer, and for many, after ten […]

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The Peaceful Child

Dear Cathie I am so pleased to hear that your child is flourishing in her Montessori classroom. And it is wonderful to hear about h erpeaceful persona. Growing peaceful children is an important topic in the Montessori classroom and one crucial to the success of our...