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Advice from Montessori Family Alliance Friends

Reaching out to a friend who has children a bit older than yours can be a very comfortable way to get advice about your own parenting. When you are a part of the Montessori Family Alliance, the people to reach out to have very helpful pieces of advice. Christine Lowry The Montessori Foundation Being a parent is both the most challenging and rewarding thing we can do. My advice is to respect your child's sense of dignity. Children (especially young children) have a remarkable sense of...

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10 Benefits of Montessori

If no one has asked you how Montessori will benefit your child, or will Montessori benefit your child, they have probably thought of it. In fact, you may have asked yourself the very same question. Why choose an education that is an alternative to traditional education? Let’s examine ten reasons we may choose Montessori for our family. 1. Learning is child-centered and individualized. A similar curriculum to traditional schools is taught, often in a different order, and children move...

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ML September 2022

MPPI Review

Maryland Passes Legislation for State Teacher License By Denise Monnier, Director of State Advocacy After 4 years of hard work and persistence on the part of Montessori Schools of Maryland (MSM), the Maryland legislature passed, and the Governor signed into law a bill that allows an individual who holds a bachelor’s degree and a credential from the AMS, AMI or a program accredited by the MACTE to be eligible for a Maryland State Teaching Certificate to teach in a Montessori school. This...

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By Paula Lillard Preschlack Helicopter Interference My college roommate visits me with her two teenage sons. She confides that she is worried that her 15-year-old isn’t working hard enough in school and “might be making poor choices about partying.” In our cabin kitchen, only moments later, I watch wide eyed while my friend takes the butter knife out of her son’s hand, pushes him aside, and says, “Here, let me make your sandwich. You have no idea what you’re doing.” Have you ever seen this...


Consulting, Leadership Insitute, conferences, parents. professional development, recruit & retain parents, teachers, and students.School Accreditation, Teacher Education, Resources, and Meaningful SupportBringing Montessori Into Your Home And Family LifeThe Montessori Foundation &The International Montessori Council (IMC) Hilton Tapatio Cliffs | Phoenix, Arizona  | November . 2 - 5 . 2023– Maria MontessoriOur Three OrganizationsAs we often say:We're here to help! The Montessori...

About Montessori

The confidence the school has gained by the knowledge gained in this course was evident at our latest parent meeting. We were able to answer the parents’ questions with more affirmation and I could see that our confidence gave them confidence in us. Interesting, I just took my first born child off to college this weekend.

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Flip Your Organizational Chart

Leading Your School the Montessori Way: Flip Your Organizational Chart! Would you like to lead your school in a way that’s more consistent with Montessori values? If you would, I have a simple suggestion that can help you move in that direction: Flip your organizational chart! Doing this will give you a different perspective on your role as a school leader and your relationship with others at your school. It will also encourage you to think about how you might change some or all of your...

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Beyond Bribes, Rewards, and Punishments

     A Montessori Approach to Clean... Beyond Rewards, Bribes, & Punishment A Montessori Approach to Building Intrinsic Motivation 42 ways that the Montessori approach builds intrinsic discipline in our children. by Simone Davies In my last article on a Montessori approach to discipline, I mentioned that we don’t use rewards, bribes, or punishment in a Montessori classroom. And there is not a teacher at the front telling everyone what they need to do. Yet, if you observe in a Montessori...

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The Dump Truck Story

The Dump Truck Story What happens when we normalize ‘disaster’ thinking and accept the mess by Alicia Diaz-David When my son was two years old, he scribbled on his dump truck with a brown marker and announced that he would wash it right there in the middle of our living room floor. My first reaction was to gasp when I noticed the brown scribbles. My second reaction was to see where his plan of action would take him. So, I watched as he used the foaming soap dispenser to lather his hands and...

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