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The Assistant in a Montessori Classroom

A white paper from The National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector. Downloaded and shared with permission from Key Points: Assistants are key to ensuring that the complex learning environment is prepared for children. Assistants enable Montessori teachers to focus on instruction without interruption. The assistant’s broad awareness and scanning of the environment […]

The Montessori Leaders Collaborative

n 2011, Trust for Learning invested in what would become a multi-year convening process of the Montessori leadership across the country, which encouraged them to think big for the first time, as well as to establish trust in the idea of working collaboratively, not in the interest of any one organization, but rather in the […]

Three-Year Age-Spans in Montessori Classrooms / The Benefits of the Full Upper Elementary Cycle

Three-Year Age-Spans in Montessori Classrooms / The Benefits of the Full Upper Elementary Cycle

A white paper from The Center for Montessori in the Public Sector Downloaded and shared with permission from Key Points: Montessori education is uniquely designed to maximize the benefits of seamless educational pathways designed in 3-year increments. Learners benefit academically and socially from three –year mixed-age groupings. It is accepted practice for public Montessori schools […]

IMC School Accreditation – Free OnLine Orientation for Candidate Schools

An online workshop for the school’s Leadership, Board, and Self-Study Committee members his course is an online version of the workshop that we run at IMC Conferences for schools that are interested in IMC School Accreditation. It includes a general introduction to the program and a series of videos designed to explain each stage of […]

Building the Pink Tower

t all started with a simple question at the dinner table. “What should I make a movie about next?” my elementary-aged son, Amal, asked, after finishing his first successful production with the neighborhood boys. The Adventures of Under-wear Man had premiered just the week before, with root beer and popcorn and a new sense of […]

Montessori in Haiti

NOTE: Earthquakes in Haiti has focussed the attention of the world on this unfortunate country. What is relatively unknown is that German businessman and philanthropist, Peter Hesse, has been successfully establishing Montessori schools in Haiti for almost thirty years. This is his story. Early Beginnings: n December 1980, I visited Haiti for the first time. […]

Research for the Montessori Classroom

very year we receive more and more inquires about formal research evidence that validates Montessori’s effectiveness. More than two hundred studies have been published about the long-term academic and social development of children who attended Montessori schools in the United States. However, educational research is not often taken seriously by scientists. What do we really […]

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