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Making 2020-21 Schooling Decisions

There are so many factors that go into finding the right match for your child and your family when it comes to schooling – home school, Montessori, public, private, finances, safety, and more. Add to that Covid and your head starts to spin. Join Christine Lowry, Tammy Willen, and Lorna McGrath as we help sort […]

Re-Enrollment Time for Toddlers

Re-Enrollment Time for Toddlers

Kristi and Lorna discuss such topics as readiness to move to the Primary Level, what is it like in a Primary classroom, how can parents prepare for the transition from Toddler to Primary and much more. If you are considering re-enrolling your toddler, join us for this informative session.

Re-Enrollment Time for Toddlers

Montessori Re-Enrollment

Christine Lowry shares some of the most up-to-date research on educational settings and their effect on student success. The research includes flexible classroom arrangement, multi-age classes, personalized learning, project-based learning, social-emotional learning, multiple years with the same teacher, and assessments in a variety of formats. See how the Montessori approach stacks up according to research […]

Year round School, What about my Summer Vacation: Part 2

Why Montessori Kindergarteners Outsmart and Outshine Kids in Traditional Programs

Why Montessori Kindergarteners Outsmart and Outshine Kids in Traditional Public and Private School Programs ~ Persuading Parents to Stay for the 3rd Year” Join Jonathan Wolff and Kathy Leitch as we discuss the importance of the completion of the 3-year cycle. We all know how important retention is to each student, the classroom, and our schools. How do we effectively convey the benefits to our parents […]

Year round School, What about my Summer Vacation: Part 2

Webcast: Do You Wish You Could Have a Parenting Instructor at Your School? 

This week Lorna McGrath, Coordinator of the Montessori Family Alliance, talked with us about the importance of ongoing parenting education courses (separate and in addition to any Montessori workshops you run for parents). “If you help parents learn how to create a peaceful home, they will be eternally grateful to you and your school.” Are […]

Webcast Re enrollment, Retention, and the Role of our Faculty

On January 24, 2018, Tanya Ryskind led our discussion regarding our teachers’ role as families make critical decisions during the re-enrollment season. We know that families choose schools for a variety of reasons, let’s look at why they stay and why they leave. We considered some proactive strategies that our faculty members can use to […]

Re-Enrollment Time for Toddlers

Webinar: Why Stay in Montessori? A Parent to Parent Chat

Join Lorna McGrath and Tanya Ryskind who are both parents of young people who spent much of their time, from toddlers to teens, in Montessori schools. They’re putting their Montessori hats slightly to the side and bringing their parent hats to the forefront to share their experiences, concerns, and reasons for staying with Montessori for […]