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Summer Ideas for Families

Summer Ideas for Families

Summertime is perfect for continued learning opportunities with your child. Bring Montessori home with you this summer and keep the learning fun. Kristi shares suggestions for preparing a Montessori-friendly indoor as well as outdoor environment, reinforcing language and phonetic skills, and observing your child to better understand what they are interested in and how they […]

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Summer Ideas for Families

Purposeful Work for Toddlers

In this session Kristi Antczak will share ways to understand and observe the underlying factors that motivate toddlers to do what they do. She will focus on the Sensitive Period for Toddlers (18 months-3 years old). This knowledge will assist parents at home in creating activities for their children or in simply recognizing the reasons […]

Summer Ideas for Families

Transitioning to Secondary

Kristi Antczak and Lorna McGrath each have two children who have moved to Secondary programs. In this session they will each talk to you about their experiences with this important transition for their children. They will give you tips for smooth transitions, pitfalls that may happen, and choices to be made. You’ll want to attend […]

Summer Ideas for Families

Re-Enrollment Time for Toddlers

Kristi and Lorna discuss such topics as readiness to move to the Primary Level, what is it like in a Primary classroom, how can parents prepare for the transition from Toddler to Primary and much more. If you are considering re-enrolling your toddler, join us for this informative session.

Webinar:  ‘Toilet Learning’ vs ‘Toilet Training’

Webinar: ‘Toilet Learning’ vs ‘Toilet Training’

Find out how to turn toilet training with adult control into toilet learning with adult support.

Webinar:  Preparing Food with Toddlers

Webinar: Preparing Food with Toddlers

Join Kristi for some great ideas and tips on food prep with toddlers and the value to your toddlers’ development as well as to your family life.