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Re-Enrollment Time for Toddlers

Re-Enrollment Time for Toddlers

Kristi and Lorna discuss such topics as readiness to move to the Primary Level, what is it like in a Primary classroom, how can parents prepare for the transition from Toddler to Primary and much more. If you are considering re-enrolling your toddler, join us for this informative session.

Webinar:  ‘Toilet Learning’ vs ‘Toilet Training’

Webinar: ‘Toilet Learning’ vs ‘Toilet Training’

Find out how to turn toilet training with adult control into toilet learning with adult support.

Webinar:  Preparing Food with Toddlers

Webinar: Preparing Food with Toddlers

Join Kristi for some great ideas and tips on food prep with toddlers and the value to your toddlers’ development as well as to your family life.