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Montessori, Darwin and Telling The New Story Of Evolution

by David Loye In the beginning there was the Domination System and the Organism. Then the Love System entered life and meaningful Evolution began… This is the disarming and I hope engaging way my telling of the new story of the new story of evolution begins....
Imaginary Island Studies

Imaginary Island Studies

By Tim Seldin This is an excerpt from the Second Edition of The World In The Palm Of Her Hand. The Imaginary Island Project was developed by my friend, Harvey Hallenberg, and introduced to the Montessori community in the 1980s through the Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies in Silver Spring, Maryland, which we co-founded. In […]

Curriculum: The Study of the History of Mankind

In Appendix B of From Childhood to Adolescence Maria Montessori suggests that students in the third plane of development make a detailed study of “one period, event, or the life of some personage who has aroused special interest.”(1) One such “personage” could well be Leonardo da Vinci, which would provide inspiration and material to explore […]