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Montessori at Home: The Adult Prepared Environment

Montessori at Home: The Adult Prepared Environment

Your child’s Montessori guide spends a tremendous amount of time planning and organizing the classroom. Modifications and adjustments are sometimes done daily, depending upon the need. When you step into a Montessori classroom you might be awestruck by the highly organized, simple beauty of the room. Here children are given some of their first lessons […]

Recycling  in the  21st Century

Recycling in the 21st Century

Reduce, reuse, recycle is a common theme in a Montessori classroom. We teach the different categories of recyclable materials and have students sort paper, plastic, and metal. We use real cutlery and plates over plastic and paper products. We encourage students to bring reusable water bottles and discuss with them the environmental impact of plastic […]

Courageous Conversations Between Parents and Teachers

Courageous Conversations Between Parents and Teachers

The purpose of Courageous Conversation between parents and teachers is to create a safe space for meaningful dialogue about issues regarding children. The desired end is to understand each other’s perspective and work together to best serve the child. We know that this is not always a one step, quick-fix, but rather a complicated process […]

Push Me, Pull You:What Role Should Parents Play in Advancing Their Child’s Education?

A Pushmi-pullyu is a mythical animal created by Hugh Lofting in his children’s stories, a gazelle-unicorn cross, that has two heads at opposing ends of its body and, therefore, can’t make up its mind about which way to go. In past decades, sociologists report that, on average, parents didn’t spend as much time thinking about […]

Webcast: A Montessori-Based Multi-Tiered System of Support: for Challenging Behaviors and Learning – Part 3 of 3

Join Christine Lowry as we continue our series. Parts I & II in our 3 part series gave an overview of the school-wide Multi-Tiered System of Support specific to Montessori schools, and provided an in-depth look at how we create an Inclusive Classroom Climate to support all learners. This system view gives us a concrete […]

Courageous Conversations Between Parents and Teachers

Dads Important Role as Daughters Grow

Sometimes Dad’s feel like a “duck out of water” when it comes to relating to their tween/teen daughter. The little girl’s body that used to rough and tumble now has begun to develop making roughing and tumbling awkward. Also, this stage in a girl’s life is fraught with emotional upheavals which often make Dads shy […]

Courageous Conversations Between Parents and Teachers

Practical Life in Elementary and Beyond!

Montessori said, “Only practical work and experience lead a child to maturity.” Cheryl Allen will share ideas that will help children at home and in the classroom to prepare for life during the elementary years and beyond. She will show how Practical Life activities change as children grow from pouring and scooping lessons during Early […]

Courageous Conversations Between Parents and Teachers

Life Skills from Birth through Adolescense – Part 2

Life Skills – Executive Functioning Skills – Part 2 – Children are not born with these skills. They are born with the potential to develop them! From 7 to 12 years old to the adolescent years, what activities can we offer at home? In this session Maria Chaffin continues to offer parents and teachers ideas […]

Courageous Conversations Between Parents and Teachers

Webinar: Assessment and Data in Montessori

What Montessori parents need to know about assessment, data collection and how we use it to not only support children’s learning but also to validate the Montessori method of education. Dr. Howe explains what this means for children in Montessori schools and the larger education community.

Webcast: Helping Montessori Schools Understand Autism and Executive Functionin

Building a Culture of Peace

Join Dr. Michael Dorer as he shares his unique insights on peace in education. Education for peace is essential for building a culture of peace. How can peace become an essential part of your Montessori experience? Everyday practices and regular attention on activities of peace can establish a community of peace in every Montessori classroom, […]