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Montessori in America

he American Montessori Society (AMS ) offers the following comparisons between Montessori and traditional education … Emphasis on cognitive structures and social development Teacher’s role is unobtrusive; child actively participates in learning  Environment and method encourage internal self-discipline Individual and group instruction adapts to each student’s learning style Mixed-age grouping Children encouraged to teach, collaborate, and […]

101 Steps to Parenting The Montessori Way

101 Steps to Parenting The Montessori Way

Read about Montessori education and philosophy and how it applies to your child. As a start, read Tomorrow’s Child. We also recommend our books The Montessori Way and How To Raise An Amazing Child. Purchase a copy of The Michael Olaf Catalog(s). These wonderful publications are a clear introduction to Montessori for parents as well […]

IMC School Accreditation – Free OnLine Orientation for Candidate Schools

An online workshop for the school’s Leadership, Board, and Self-Study Committee members his course is an online version of the workshop that we run at IMC Conferences for schools that are interested in IMC School Accreditation. It includes a general introduction to the program and a series of videos designed to explain each stage of […]

Developing a New Montessori Middle and/or High School (Video)

n October 30th, 2014, Dr. Paul Epstein and Tim Seldin explored the topic of Developing a Montessori Middle and/or High School Program. We discussed many of the fundamental issues in organizing a new secondary program, from staffing to organizing the course of study, ways of learning, experiential programs, internships, travel, facilities, admission of older students […]

A Letter from a Montessori Child to Start the School Year

A Letter from a Montessori Child to Start the School Year

Shared with us By Chip DeLorenzo, M.Ed. Contributing Editor with the Montessori Family Alliance Dear Mom or Dad, As you know I’ll be starting school again real soon, and I can’t wait. I overheard you the other day saying to your friend that you can’t wait for school to start too. I’m glad you’re as […]

Emotional Intelligence: The New Meaning of ‘Smart’

t’s recess at Lake Mary Montessori Academy and amid the swirl of laughter and activity, two five-year-olds engage in a tug of war over the same swing. Director Sheila Linville witnesses the event. Her first impulse was to intervene when suddenly she heard one child say to the other, “Let’s sit down and mediate this.” […]

Should We Continue with Montessori for Elementary … or Move on?

Author’s Note:  This article is told in part by the author, and in part through the words of several Montessori teachers, students and parents with whom I spoke in preparing our DVD, Joyful Scholars – The Elementary Mon-tessori Program, available from the Montessori Foundation publication center (www. s children near the end of their kindergarten […]

Bringing Montessori Home / The Town Game

The Town Game This is a wonderful activity for either the classroom or home. It helps children learn how to read a map, follow directions, and practice their reading. Materials: Provide a large piece of heavy-grade vinyl (thick enough that it lays flat but can still be rolled up like a rug). On this sheet […]

Maria Montessori: Celebrating 100 Years of Education Reform

  ne hundred years ago, on January 6th, 1907, an Italian physician was invited to open a child-care facility for fifty preschool-aged children in a section of Rome that was avoided and neglected because of its oppressive poverty and crime.The children’s parents worked sixteen or more hours a day. In the absence of adult supervision, these children […]

Celebrations: Shem Al Nessem / “Smell the Breezes”

Celebrations: Shem Al Nessem / “Smell the Breezes”

Overview Shem Al Nessem (or “Smell the Breezes”) is an old Egyptian spring festival. It is a happy holiday that goes back to the days of the pharaohs. It is also an Egyptian national holiday. It is celebrated on the Monday following Easter. It starts very early in the morning. Whoever wakes up first can […]

African Harvest Festivals and Celebrations

African Harvest Festivals and Celebrations

Overview Africa is a continent of tremendous diversity of environments and peoples.  However, in planning an African celebration, it is particularly appropriate to celebrate an African harvest festival. Farmers in Africa have to face long and terrible droughts in some areas, so a harvest festival is most meaningful to them. Of course, not all regions […]

Research for the Montessori Classroom

very year we receive more and more inquires about formal research evidence that validates Montessori’s effectiveness. More than two hundred studies have been published about the long-term academic and social development of children who attended Montessori schools in the United States. However, educational research is not often taken seriously by scientists. What do we really […]